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LAX Town Hall December 1

At the heart of an on-going controversy is Los Angeles World Airport's (LAWA) plans to expand LAX runways to increase capacity. A LAX Town Hall will be held Monday, December 1 in Westchester to highlight critical airport issues impacting the entire So Cal region and also surrounding communities. The Town hall will feature local political leaders from areas surrounding LAX, LA Council member Mike Bonin, and regional leadership from the Inland Empire that is being under served. LA policy to concentrate air commerce at LAX needs to be changed to enhance prosperity for the entire region as well as improve long range prospects for Los Angeles City residents. Although a 2006 Stipulated Settlement called for LAX modernization and development of a regional network of airports, it has not happened.

LAX Expansion is NOT dead. Everyone supports LAX Modernization, but LAWA plans include capacity expansion. Past LAWA leadership had the foresight to push for Regionalization; it now acts to the contrary. We must stop their madness which puts our economy at risk. The only choice is to continue the lawsuits enforcing previous settlement requirements which LAWA ignores and to stop more recent expansion plans! Come express your local and regional concerns. Presentations will include topics of noise, pollution, and traffic congestion along with economic considerations.

Hear the status of on-going lawsuits to force implementation of good public policy.
Attend the Town Hall at the LaTijera United Methodist Church, 7400 Osage, Westchester 90045 December 1 from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm to hear how the added will impact you. Learn how you can help!

Several key undisputed facts:

  • Airports facilitate substantial economic activity but also have negative noise, pollution, health and vehicle traffic impact on local surrounding communities.
  • So Cal air regional activity has been concentrated by LAWA into LAX at increasing rates to the detriment of other regional commercial airports. Concentration risks economic disaster due to lack of backup capacity in the rest of the region.
  • LAX is a relatively small, land locked footprint area facility located adjacent to two major earthquake faults owned by the City of Los Angeles.
  • LAX continues to be the 6th busiest world airport with the highest rate of passengers traveling to the So Cal region that do not transfer to connecting flights elsewhere.
  • The FAA projects a 50% increase in LAX operations by 2030 that will fail to meet full regional commerce needs.
  • LAX has had deficient infrastructure for decades. Poor passenger experience and local vehicle traffic gridlock continues and LAWA plans do not alleviate this.
  • LAWA has embarked on landside improvements, but also continues to plan for very expensive runway capacity expansion.




Lawsuit filed against Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) and Los Angeles City for failure to prepare adequate Environmental Impact Report.

No airport can be absolutely safe unless it is closed—but closing LAX would be unacceptable to ARSAC. We need LAX, but there is no such thing as unlimited resources and LAWA’s misguided prioritization of spending means billions of dollars could be spent on unnecessary runway movement while diverting funds from the most needed repairs and updates.

ARSAC supports building the environmentally preferred alternative, Alternative 2. LAWA has identified taxiway improvements for the existing runway layout that should be done immediately. It is a moderate cost and practical to improve LAX and improve safety.



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Modernization Yes, Expansion No!

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Airport Update September 2014

Forty years ago LAX was supposed to have a train called the MTA Green Line access the airport. It stopped a couple miles short and people take a connecting bus from the nearest station at Imperial and Aviation. That lapse has been the butt of jokes for almost 40 years. Our current elected officials have stated we will not fail this time.

For several decades my wife, Nan, when asked if a connection would be made to LAX, would quip, “Of course, and it will look just like a great big blue bus.” In the last decade voters authorized a $100M bond to extend the train. Surely it would happen soon, right? Well, not quite…


Airport Update - June 2014

LAX is big business. The budget for LAX operation being approved is over a $Billion and because it is the port of entry for both people and cargo it represents a major impact on our overall regional economy.

Alliance for a Regional Solution to Airport Congestion (ARSAC) advocates for network of airports for two reasons: 1) the present concentration into one location, LAX, results in substantial drives through heavy traffic for most residents not near LAX and 2) to avoid economic meltdown to our entire economy from any man made or natural disaster at LAX because there is not backup contingency.

We have a real target for implementing LAX improvements—the 2024 Olympics—and we must take advantage of this or traffic around LAX will continue to be bad and will not improve. All agree that LAX must be modernized and needs urgent, major repairs. Los Angeles World Airports has begun a publicity campaign, “LAX is happening” so that travelers and visitors to LAX will accept the major delays and annoyances of the on-going construction. LAX Central Terminal Area visitors will continue to find it difficult to disembark into the “same old design.” LAWA’s LAX plans are incomplete and do little to mitigate the economic risks. Integrated modal improvements and roadway improvements are stalled.


Airport Update -February 2014

Yet another active month of airport affairs for Southern California. It's nice to see at least someone is preparing for Regionalism. Burbank Bob Hope Airport hasn't increased passenger numbers lately, but is invoking several improvements which will put Bob Hope in a good future position. Not only are they increasing and building new, improved terminal flow, but they are also improving transportation access with a metro link stop adjacent to the airport along with improved parking and van/bus/taxi access.

Los Angeles World Airport, LAWA, can't be accused of the same. There has been NO movement to resolve getting a train into LAX, nor anything to get the people mover system designed nor planning the Consolidated Rental Car System. Local vehicle traffic flow is equally stagnant.

LAWA reported another month of increased concentration of passenger traffic at LAX with a corresponding reduction at the other LAWA owned commercial airport, Ontario. LAWA is no longer even pretending they have a plan for commercial air service in Palmdale.

LAWA is continues as the full employment program for lawyers.

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A well financed public relations campaign is currently being waged by LAWA and their allies to deceive the public into believing LAX is losing business to other cities.
The facts show this just isn't true.